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What Is An Apprenticeship?

As a parent you want your son or daughter to get the best possible start in their career. For many young people following an academic route is not for them. 

Lots of young people want to get straight into the workplace and start earning money and an Apprenticeship allows them to do just that.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications, through hands on work experience and as an employee. Your son or daughter can earn as they learn.

Why do an Apprenticeship?

  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Workplace experience
  • Practical skills and knowledge
  • A real wage
  • Better job security
  • Paid holidays
  • Route to university, further or higher education or training

What's involved?

Apprenticeships typically take one to two years to complete depending on the level of the Apprenticeship, the apprentice’s ability and the industry sector. Our Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of occupational areas from Childcare and Hairdressing to Equine and Construction and some are available at two levels - Apprenticeship and Advanced Apprenticeship. An Apprenticeship is essentially a set of qualifications called a ‘framework’ developed by Sector Skills Councils and each occupation has its own framework.

Entry Requirements

Think Apprenticeships are only for young people? Think again! Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age 16. There are no formal requirements as Apprenticeships are not just based on previous academic achievement. However, apprentices need to be committed, motivated, enthusiastic and reliable. Applicants will be interviewed prior to starting on an Apprenticeship programme. 


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