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Rules & Regulations

The College has a relaxed, adult atmosphere, but students are still expected to abide by some key rules and regulations, some of which are detailed below.


Students are given copies of their timetable, which is available on request, and are expected to attend all timetabled sessions and classes. Holidays are not permitted during term time. If time off is unavoidable, or if your son or daughter is sick please contact the Student Absence Line - Tel: 0800 612 6008 

Lines are open from 8am Monday - Friday to report attendance.

Attitude to others

All students are requested to treat their peers and staff with respect no matter what gender, colour, ethnic or national origin, age, socio-economic background, disability, religion, family circumstance, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction.


Students must stay within College grounds during lunch and break times. Anyone caught off site will be subject to severe disciplinary action.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying or harassment of any kind is unacceptable. If it does occur, your son or daughter will be encouraged to tell their personal tutor, a staff member, their school, or anyone in the 14-16 Office so that the situation can be resolved promptly.


Information that your son or daughter shares with College staff will be treated as confidential and will normally only be shared with other people with their permission. Where the College believes it is in their best interests, they will always be encouraged to give this permission.

Dress Code

Dress is a matter for individual decision but must not cause offence. Some activities require special clothing.


The College is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment and recognises that students who misuse drugs to an extent that it affects their health, achievement and conduct may compromise this. It is unlawful for students to possess or supply illegal drugs and the College has a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to drug and substance misuse, reserving the right to suspend any student found to be in possession of or supplying drugs. We do however, acknowledge the complexities of drug use and misuse within society and wish to provide appropriate and meaningful support to all our students whilst strongly and actively discouraging the use or possession of drugs.

Health and Safety

College processes and procedures relation to accidents, emergencies and health and safety are detailed in the Student Handbook, which is distributed to all students during Induction.

ID Cards

Students must wear their ID card with them at all times. Spot checks will be carried out.


Smoking is strictly prohibited and anyone caught smoking will be subject to disciplinary action.


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