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Short Course Details

Pampered Pooches - 2019:20

Location:  Merrist Wood College
Course Code:  OC02CD0A067P
Year:  2019:20
Duration:  1 Day
Attendance:  Saturday 10.00-16.00
FT/PT:  Part-Time 
Level: X
Fund Type: C: No fee remission available on this course
Tuition Fees: £ 95
Exam Fees: £ 0
28/03/2020Places Available
04/07/2020Places Available
Subject Area

The Government funds and regulates adult Further Education and skills training in England. They pay a proportion of the cost to deliver the course and expect the student, or a sponsor, to pay the remaining portion. This is referred to as the ‘tuition fees’ and is what we display on our guide. If a course or a learner is not eligible for government funding the Full Cost /international fees will be liable. Please refer to our International fees page for more information.

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Content / Overview

You will have the opportunity to groom your own dog and will gain knowledge on the basic health care, bathing and drying techniques, learn to use electric clippers and scissors to help maintain your dogs coat in good condition.

Why Study Here 

Tuition is largely practically based and takes place in a grooming facility within the Campus, managed on a semi commercial basis. Supporting reception areas and an attractive easily accessible campus with excellent student resources create an enjoyable learning environment.

Suitable For 

This course is designed for the pet owner requiring basic knowledge of bathing and drying techniques, clipping and trimming to maintain your dog’s coat in good condition.

Application Method 

Apply direct – no interview necessary

Entry Requirements 

In the interest of health and safety owners are asked to confirm the type of breed and behavioural characteristics of their dog. All dogs must have up to date vaccination details.

Delivery Method 

This is a practical course which takes place within the grooming facility within the College.



Further Study 

Apply for other related courses.

Additional Information 

Light refreshments are provided (no lunch provided).

All students aged 19 years or over on 1 September in the first year of their course are expected to pay tuition, registration, exam fees and all other course related costs. Some assistance with these costs may be available depending on your circumstances and the latest government funding position.

There are normally no tuition, registration or examination fees to pay if you are aged 16-18 on 1 September in the first year of your course and are a British or European Union resident. This does not apply to HNCs/Ds, Foundation Degrees, Degrees or courses that do not attract government funding (identified as 'no fee remission available on this course').


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