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Student Engagement

As a Degree Level student, you have the opportunity to take a key role in the quality assurance and enhancement of your programme and the College’s Higher Education provision in general. Whilst at College, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback through the following activities



Boards of study/programme committee meeting

A meeting where staff and student representatives discuss key aspects of the programme. These take place twice a year and are the most important forum for raising issues

Student staff consultative   committees/focus group

An ad hoc meeting between management staff and all students on a programme where they will discuss a specific issue or set of issues.

Faculty Forum

A meeting between the Director of your Faculty and all student representatives (higher education and further education) where they will discuss general, cross-college issues.  

Higher Education Faculty Forum

A meeting between the Head of Higher Education and higher education student representatives where they will discuss general, cross-college issues.

Student Parliament


A meeting between senior management, the Principal and Student Parliament representatives from across all three Colleges (Guildford College, Merrist Wood College and Farnham College)

Student Conference


An annual conference where students from across the College’s gather to provide feedback to senior staff from across all faculties and departments.

Module/course review

All students are asked to complete a review of an individual module or course once it has finished. The feedback enables the staff to improve the module for future delivery.

The National Student Survey (NSS)

Final year students (not top-ups) will have the opportunity to complete the NSS.

Becoming a Student Representative

By becoming a Student Representative and attending meetings and forums, you have the chance to directly influence how you programme is delivered and shape your learning experience.

The role of the Student Representative is to:

  • collect the views of students, to identify student issues, and to share student issues with college staff;
  • provide a link between students and staff and to negotiate on behalf of the students;
  • determine any issues that you should raise at Faculty Forum meetings or other meetings on their behalf.

At the beginning of each academic year, Student Services organises the election/appointment of HE Student Representatives and Senior HE Student Representative (who are also Student Parliament Representatives). If you are interested in becoming a Student Representative, please speak to your Programme Manager.  

The Higher Education Student Engagement Page

All Higher Education students have access to Moodle pages that provide essential information about their programme:

This includes:

  • Minutes of course meetings
  • Reports from external examiners
  • Annual reviews of programmes (where available)

Please take the time to learn about the history and quality of your programme.

If you course pages do not publish this information, please let the Higher Education Office (Room 501 at Guildford College) know.


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