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Students' Union

The SU is run by students for students so the more actively involved you are the more fun you have! We represent the thousands of students at the College and organise sporting, recreational and charity events throughout the year.

Why get involved?
It looks great on your CV and you can make a huge difference to your college life. You can make lots of new friends, tackle new challenges and be part of a great team! You can take part in:

  • Students Elections - Stand for election as President, Vice President, Clubs & Societies Officer, Marketing & Communications Officer, Environmental Officer and more!
  • Student Reps - All courses have nominated representatives to promote the views and opinions of their course colleagues - get your voice heard!
  • Student Voices Week - Take part in our annual Student Conference, where we listen to student feedback on all sorts of college matters.
  • Faculty Forums - Elected student reps meet with Directors of Faculty and other staff to discuss, debate and get feedback.

To find out more about the SU see our Facebook page: 

NUS Extra Card
If you are over 16, you can apply for an NUS Extra Card or NUS Apprentice Extra Card (if you are doing an Apprenticeship) from, which will give you discounts from Amazon, McDonalds, Odeon, 16-25 Railcards and most high street shops. A bargain at just £12, NUS extra is the definitive student discount and lifestyle card, saving students an average of over £500 a year!

Take Part
In Black History month, do an Emergency First Aid Course, raise money for Children in Need, visit the Clothes Show Live, score the winning goal in the Cross-College Football Tournament and celebrate at the end of term with the Students Union Christmas Party - these are just some of the things you could be doing in your first term at college! 


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