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INT4019 - MW Short Courses in page banner - Dec 2018Our short courses make the perfect gift for your loved ones! We have a wide range of adult short courses starting throughout the year. From our one day Floristry workshops to our four week Pet Sitting course, there's something for everyone...


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Animal Management

Pampered Pooches

This one day workshop is designed for pet owners who want to learn basic bathing, drying, clipping and trimming techniques to maintain your dog’s coat in good condition.

Pet Sitting

This four week short course will teach you practical skills and knowledge which are important for working as a pet sitter. Pet sitting can involve looking after a wide range of animals to include cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, through to exotics, pet pigs, chickens, sheep or goats.


Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting

This two day short course provides an introduction to the maintenance and use of chainsaws for groundwork operations leading to NPTC units 201 and 202 (formerly NPTC unit 30). The course includes - identifying, inspecting and commenting on key parts of the chainsaw, preparing and operating the chainsaw to work safely without risk to the user or other people, and the environment and carrying out daily and routine maintenance on the chainsaw.

Fungi and the Management of Trees of All Ages

This one day short course covers fungi and the management of trees. You will look at how fungi can colonise wood in a variety of ways, compromising the structural integrity of the tree, or form symbiotic fungal associations with the tree which are essential for the survival of both organisms.

Tree Felling

This three day short course will prepare a novice chainsaw user for the NPTC unit 203 assessment (previously known as unit CS 31). The course includes - risk assessments and emergency procedures on a work site, selecting and preparing equipment required for safe and effective felling, and felling of small trees using appropriate methods.



Hand-tied Posies and Bouquets

This five week short course provides an introduction to traditional and contemporary hand-tied floral designs, suitable for the home or as a gift. You will explore a variety of flowers, foliages and techniques.

Introduction to Spring Floral Art (FC)

This ten week short course will provide you with an understanding of the "Principles and Elements of Design" as applied to Floral Art, including exploring contrast, harmony, proportion, texture, colour, form, line and movement.

Springtime Floral Design

This one day workshop will help you to beat the ‘winter blues’. Wake up your senses with the fresh fragrance and colours of spring blooms, using predominantly spring floral materials. You will create a vibrant handheld design and an additional arrangement.

Summer Floral Designs

Five week short course will show you how to produce designs using summer flowers and foliages for special occasions using a range of containers.

Summer Weddings

This one day workshop will provide you with the skills needed to create beautiful designs for the Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids, including a flower garland, a tied posy and boutonniere.

Horticulture & Garden Design

Design Your Own Garden

This ten week introduction to garden design will allow you how to re-design your garden, with the help of an expert. You will look at a range of garden styles and survey your own garden, then use your knowledge to create a new design plan for your garden.

Introduction to Hedgelaying

This two day short course will provide you with an introduction to the traditional craft of hedgelaying. You will be working on our own hedgerows within our 400 acre estate.

Lawn Care and Repair

This two day short course will to teach you how to feed, mow, and topdress your lawn, with guidance on how to sow and turf a new lawn, as well as renovating an old one.

Make Your Own Summer Planter or Hanging Basket

This one day workshop will teach you to personalise your garden by creating your own summer hanging baskets and planters, which you can take home at the end of the course.

Plant Knowledge and Identification

This ten week short course will introduce you to plant history and origin, plant identification, the correct use and settings for plants, and companion planting.

Pruning Workshop

This one day workshop will teach you how and when to prune the shrubs in your garden to enhance their ornamental features. Learn the three Ds of pruning and how to rejuvenate overgrown plants.

Wildlife & Conservation

Introduction to Forest School Principles Level 1

This two day short course provides an introduction into using the outdoor environment as a tool to facilitate different learning styles and develop personal skills such as confidence and self-esteem.

Introduction to British Wildlife

This four week short course will give you a chance to explore the different habitats found in the Surrey countryside. You will focus on one habitat each week and look at its historical development, key species and management. There will also be opportunities to develop surveying and identification skills.


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