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Exciting New Arrivals to the Animal Management Centre

Posted on 14 December 2017
Exciting New Arrivals to the Animal Management Centre

This month the College welcomed two exciting new arrivals to its Animal Management Centre, Warhol and Fordham the coatis.

Coatis are common and widespread in central and South America, and their habitats range from dry deserts to humid forests. They are omnivores and are closely related to the racoon family. Coatis are great climbers and use their long tails for balancing, so they spend a great deal of their lives in the safety of the trees. They also spend a large part of their day foraging for insects.

Anticipating the arrival of these new residents, Animal Management students were tasked with researching the species to help design their new enclosure within the Tropical Biome. Their new enclosure consists of large logs and tree trunks for climbing, and a floor of leaves, rocks and tree stumps for foraging.

One of the students who helped to design the enclosure, Jack Anderson, who is studying the Foundation Degree in Zoo Management, commented: “The research on coatis which we carried out before designing the enclosure was really interesting and it’s great to see them settled into their new environment.”

Carol-Ann Mortimer, also studying the Foundation Degree in Zoo Management, said: “I came from a much smaller college than Merrist Wood and I couldn’t believe the facilities here. The animal collection is so diverse and getting involved in a project like this is amazing.”

The Animal Management Centre enables the College to deliver a broader, more exciting curriculum for learners as they can care for and interact with a much wider variety of species. Earlier this year Merrist Wood College introduced some new and exciting degree level programmes, including Zoo Management, Animal Science, Companion Animal Behaviour and Management, and Wildlife and Conservation.

For more information about Animal Management courses at all level, visit our Animal Management subject area.

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