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ArboricultureArb AnniversaryArboriculture and Forestry Courses in Guildford, Surrey

Working in arboriculture can involve very diverse activities such as... chainsaw work, tree climbing, pruning and dismantling, using brushwood chippers or stump grinders, undertaking inspections and surveys of individual and woodland trees, advising landowners on how to care for their trees, or teaching others about the benefits of carefully managing trees.

Our former students now practice through the UK and across the world including Hawaii, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Australia. Our courses combine practical and theoretical principles in the science, management, ecology and planning of tree and woodland care.

You will experience practical work on the College’s estate and have access to specialist machinery and industry standard equipment. Our team of tutors have many years experience in the industry and the College has been delivering arboriculture courses for over forty years.

Arboriculture Level 3 90 Credit Diploma - 2018:19
arboriculture,tree surgery,forestry, btec, level 3,surgeon,90,credit,diploma
 Adult  16-18 

Arboriculture Level 3 Extended Diploma - 2018:19
arboriculture, tree surgery, trees,surgeon,level 3,extended,diploma
 Adult  16-18 


Why Choose Merrist Wood College?

  • 400-acre estate including a large woodland area with a huge variety of tree and shrub species, ornamental grounds and plant nursery
  • 50 years of teaching arboriculture 
  • Specialist machinery in outdoor, laboratory and workshop settings
  • Expert knowledge provided by our team of dedicated teaching staff
  • Field trips to sites of interest in the local area
  • Undertake practical competence training in chainsaw use and maintenance and tree climbing

Short and Bespoke Courses

The following courses may be available subject to demand:

  • Chainsaw and climbing
  • Tree Inspection
  • Brushwood chipper training
  • Stump grinder training
  • Mobile elevated work platform training
  • Powered pole pruner training
  • Tree felling
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree dismantling
  • Clearance saws

Day to Day in the Industry

  • Carrying out site surveys
  • Liaising with government bodies, clients and the general public
  • Making sure work conforms to planning legislation and orders
  • Preparing the ground for planting
  • Planting, felling, climbing, pruning and dismantling of trees
  • Clearing debris

Jobs in Arboriculture

  • Tree Surgeon
  • Tree Officer
  • Arboriculture Consultant
  • Arboriculture Contractor
  • Assessor/Instructor
  • Tree Surveyor

Moving On

Following the completion of your Arboriculture course, you could undertake professional courses validated by the Arboriculture Association or the Royal Forestry Society, available at the College. Alternatively you could undertake a Degree Level Programme in Arboriculture, Land or Countryside Management at other educational institutions.


Average Salary

Tree surgeons typically earn between £18-30,000 a year.


Student Soundbite

Zeph Palmer - square

"College teaches you some really good life lessons, which you won’t necessarily learn at school. I've learnt to be organised with my theory work so I get to enjoy the practical elements of the course more."

Zeph Palmer, Arboriculture Level 3 Diploma

01483 88 40 00

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