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Employability Programmes in Guildford, Surrey

If you prefer practical learning and have a clear idea that employment is your aim within the near future, rather than higher levels of study, then our Employability Programmes are perfect for you! These one year programmes are available from Entry Level to Level 3 and combine both personal development and vocational projects to develop your employability skills, giving you the best possible chance of progressing on to employment or higher levels of study.

You will be given the opportunity to choose a pathway, such as Animal Management or Horticulture, and work experience will be undertaken on the College estate under the supervision of vocational experts in your chosen pathway. You will also benefit from the small group sizes, enabling you to build confidence in a more supportive environment. Further external work experience is encouraged as a stepping stone to employment.

This unique opportunity to develop a portfolio of hand-on experience and a 'project' based CV is unique to Merrist Wood College! 

Employability & Personal Development Level 1 Certificate - 2019:20
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Employability Level 3 Diploma - 2019:20
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Step 2 Bridging Programme - 2019:20
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Employability Programmes

Why Choose Merrist Wood College?

  • Employability Programmes are unique to Merrist Wood College.
  • We are the only land-based college in Surrey, with over 50 years experience in teaching land-based subjects.
  • Work experience opportunities on our 400-acre estate, 
    which includes a large woodland area with a huge variety of tree and plant species, ornamental gardens, plant nurseries and more.
  • Horticulture nurseries housing a diverse range of plant and tree species.
  • State-of-the-art Animal Management Centre with tropical and desert biomes, and a nocturnal room.
  • Wide range of animals including - small mammals, domestic animals, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, aquatics, small aviary birds and birds of prey.
  • Fully functioning farm with rare breed sheep and cows, pigs, goats, llamas, chickens, ducks and more.
  • Expert knowledge provided by our team of dedicated teaching staff.
  • National and international reputation amongst employers and industry. 

Moving on...

Our Employability Programmes are available from Entry Level to Level 3, so you can progress up and through the levels until you feel you are ready to enter employment. Alternatively, we offer a number of Apprenticeships at Intermediate Level (Level 2) and Advanced Level (Level 3), which will allow you to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst getting paid by your employer.

If you decide you would like to progress on to higher education, we offer a number of degree level programmes in Animal Management.

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Student Soundbite

Matthew Cumper 2018

“This course is helping me gain more experience and knowledge about working with animals, such as regular routine and how to correctly handle the animals.”

Matthew, Employability and Personal Development Level 1

01483 88 40 00

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