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Industry Placements

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Industry placements provide a valuable opportunity for students to gain an insight into working, including its disciplines and challenges. It allows them to be involved with a variety of tasks and activities, and to gain an understanding of:

  • The structure of the organisation
  • The qualifications and training required for key job roles
  • The rewards and constraints of work

It can help students make career choices, develop their employability skills and provide links between their studies and the world of work.

Benefits to the employer

As well as playing a vital part in our students’ curriculum, work experience also has much to offer the companies providing it.

We know from our employers that work experience benefits their companies in a number of different ways by:-

  • Developing mentoring, supervisory and leadership skills of other employees
  • Offering a good recruitment strategy
  • Bringing in new ideas and up to date information
  • Getting cost effective help
  • Raising the company profile in the local community
  • Helping to train future workforce
  • Making sure Health and Safety policies are up to date

We are always keen to partner with employers who are interested in helping students enhance their skills. If you are interested in offering a work placement and would like further information, please see our Employers Guide to Work Experience

Alternatively, please contact Carol McCaffery on Tel: 01483 88 42 47 or Email:, or Sally Cunningham on Tel: 01483 88 40 55 or Email:


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